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    May be you woke up on your day off and decided to have late breakfast in the city center; may be you have business meeting and need a special place; or may be you haven’t seen your friends for a long time and want to get sweet memories of happy smiles and pleasant atmosphere.

    Grand café Tea House changes together with the guest’s mood.  It’s light and peaceful in the morning: through the panoramic windows you may watch the people on the streets catching the sun glints drinking fresh ulun. It’s business style and full of people during the daytime: they come here to have lunch or business meeting smoking hookah and drinking coffee made on sand, to get energy before a conference, or the opposite – to forget for a while about their office troubles listening to the music and reading news lines. It’s loud and festive tonight: life music, aromatic clouds of hookah smoke, happy faces of the guests, lines of dishes and drinks – the parties can go on till early morning!

    To get all the best from life, to bring to perfection every detail, to enjoy the abundance of variants – these are the ideas of The Grand Café Tea House.

    We want the best coffee, wine, tea, dishes. We want the most pleasant music and the most progressive hookahs. We want the most professional staff and the happiest guests.

    To live in richness – this is the most significant present that we should make for ourselves.


    Why do the guests love The Tea House?

    They love it for simple and light environment where everybody feels like friends! Every guest will certainly come back to taste fresh tea or aromatic hookah and about 35 guests visit us every day.

    Diversity is the synonym to our café. Everyone will find a meal of his taste, as we have cuisines of 8 countries of the world. During a year we make about 11400 hookahs. Just imagine, if we collect all this smoke and place it inside a ball, it’ll be of Pluto planet size!

    There can’t be a smoke without a fire, warmth and good mood you’ll get with a glass of wine or champagne. Our guests get this idea and they drink more than 3840 glasses of wine a year, it’s almost Red sea!

    The responsible for taste

    Victor Galoshin
    Hookah master-barista

    “Tea House” Hookah master and taste sensations guide! Our master´s flavour alchemy is infinite. Victor will find hoc and individual approach for the most versed guests.

    Ekaterina Petrova
    Meeting person

    Our homemaker, her attention and care will make Your evening in Grand café "Tea house" unforgettable and magic.

    Chief cook

    He is a true Indian prince which rules the kitchen of Grand café “Tea House”. He professionally combines the delicate notes of The East with the European cuisine.

    • After Basta concert I can’t skip going to The Tea House on Rubinshteina. Mind-blowing tea, unforgettable atmosphere, people enjoying each other but not the gadgets.
      Farruh Irgashev
    • Parents warmth, family New Year of 2016, delicious ginger drink, mulled wine, cozy Tea House, fairytale frosts of St. Petersburg, hearty conversations, plans for the year and happy atmosphere of the 2016!
      Vladimor Serdobintsev
    • You can’t go without drinking the delicious ginger drink in The tea House on Rubinshteina together with charming Eugenia.
      Christina Sokolova
    • We decided to start our trip to St. Petersburg with the place of the best hookah and the most delicious vegetarian cuisine!
      Julia Popova
    • We can’t go without it…. #fridaynight#teahouse#spb#hookah @Tea House
      Olga Korsun


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